The Six True Wooden Potato Gods

These 1920 x 1080 wallpapers are inspired by the one and only WoodenPotatoes who did (and his still doing) a detailed and in-depth Let’s Play of Guild Wars, all its campaigns and beyond. I highly recommend subscribing for his future Guild Wars 2 coverage and his newest show Guild Wars 2 Daily, featuring a Q&A of lore and mechanics of the upcoming MMO.

I sat down and drew sketches of the Tyrian gods as potatoes on some old paper… and then things just got out of hand as I bought myself a tablet (Wacom Bamboo) after about 7 years that my old one broke.

Balthazar and his Helltatoes:

Grenth, the undead Potato Deity:

Dwayna, the praytatoing Goddes of air and life:

The double mesmerizing Lyssa:

Melandru, 100% organic Wooden Potato:

Kormir, the Potato Deity of Truth:

All Six True Potato Gods:

I regret nothing!


Red vs Blue






Here they are! I was planning to do these for quite a while, I actually had the Charr version done in November already but never had the muses to do the rest. Now, though, after getting more details on PVP and especially the WvWvW PVP I’m all hyped up!

I made a competitive PVP “red vs blue” collection of wallpapers for all the eSport loving Guild Wars 2 community, each of them in 1920 x 1080.