The Six True Wooden Potato Gods

These 1920 x 1080 wallpapers are inspired by the one and only WoodenPotatoes who did (and his still doing) a detailed and in-depth Let’s Play of Guild Wars, all its campaigns and beyond. I highly recommend subscribing for his future Guild Wars 2 coverage and his newest show Guild Wars 2 Daily, featuring a Q&A of lore and mechanics of the upcoming MMO.

I sat down and drew sketches of the Tyrian gods as potatoes on some old paper… and then things just got out of hand as I bought myself a tablet (Wacom Bamboo) after about 7 years that my old one broke.

Balthazar and his Helltatoes:

Grenth, the undead Potato Deity:

Dwayna, the praytatoing Goddes of air and life:

The double mesmerizing Lyssa:

Melandru, 100% organic Wooden Potato:

Kormir, the Potato Deity of Truth:

All Six True Potato Gods:

I regret nothing!


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